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5 Simple Ways to Manifest your Desires using Law of Attraction

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May 24, 2017
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5 Simple Ways to Manifest your Desires using Law of Attraction


Manifesting our Dreams into Reality is all we need, but why do we want out Dreams to be manifested, have you ever asked yourself this Question ? The answer to this is simple yet worth thinking over. We want to be happy in life, which is our ultimate Desire. Ask yourself, “Why do I want this Car.?” “Why do I want this phone?” Why do I want this job.” “Why do I want Money?” After asking all the Why questions, in the end the answer will be same - It makes me Happy.

Today I will teach you 5 Simple steps to Manifest your Desires into Reality -

1. Be happy without having anything - Law of Attraction says, “ Like attracts Like”, so if you are happy now without any reason, you will attract more things that will make you Happy. (Like your Desires). So being happy without having anything is 1st way to attract our Desires.

2. Gratitude - Lot of people focus on what they don’t want and what makes them feel sad, this is why they are always attracting the things they hate. What you focus on expands, so the best thing to do is Gratitude practice. Start your day with 10 things to be grateful for. Do this everyday in the morning and it will shift your vibration.

3. Visualisation - One of the most powerful practice in the world is Visualisation. When you know what you want, when the target is locked in your mind, all you need to do is Visualize the end result like you are having it now. Feel the feeling of having it now and entire Universe will rearrange itself for you to get your Desire. Do this 15 minutes everyday.

4. Bless others - I love this practice. We all know that what goes around comes around, what you give out to the world will come back to you. If you give our hatred then you will be hated, if you give out love, you will receive love. If you give out Money , you will receive more money. So take advantage of this Law and give out goodness in this world. Before going to sleep pray for 1 person, bless them, imagine them in the best version possible and sleep.

5. Let Go - This is very important thing in manifesting your Desire. Once you know what you want, you must let go and live your day happily. If you feel desperate then you will repel your Desires. If you are happy and let go you will attract your Desire.

Follow these 5 Steps and you can Manifest all your Desires. If you want to learn more about Law of Attraction, Register on our Website for Free Online Law of Attraction Coaching.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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