1. Pricing Policy :- Fees will be Same for all the Students in India. Fees may Change for People living out of India. People in India will pay Fees in Rupees & others who are Living out of India will Pay fees in US Dollars.

2. Refund Policy :- We don't give Refund in any situation. Once you Pay the Fees, you will join our Workshop & take benefits of our Workshop for Life Time.

3. Cancellation Policy - Once you Join our Workshop, you can't cancel the Workshop. You can watch videos later on if you have any problems in life. We will give you Access to Videos for LifeTime.

4. Privacy Policy - Everything our Client discuss with us in our 1-1 Consultation Session at our office / Zoom / Phone Call will be 100% Confidential. Only if you tell us to share your Success Stories, we will publish is on our Website & Social Media Platforms.

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